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Air Astana - Cadet Pilot

Training to be an Air Astana pilot

Air Astana operates to the highest standards and recruits only the most suitable candidates for each role at the airline. However, for people with the right aptitude, education and motivation, it is possible to train “from scratch” for the role of pilot with Air Astana. Such individuals receive rigorous training and, if successful, graduate to one of the most important jobs in our organization.

Do you have what it takes?

We are looking for young Kazakhstani citizens who are motivated to become pilots for our company. A programme called Ab-Initio (Latin for “from the beginning”) has been put in place to enable successful candidates to study at a reputable aviation school overseas. However, you must first satisfy the Ab-Initio selection requirements listed below.

If you believe you have what it takes, please bring or send the required documents (see list below) to Air Astana at:

Human Resources Department

Air Astana
Air Astana Centre 1
4A Zakarpatskaya Street
Almaty 050039

Tel.: +7 (727) 258 41 35/36 ext. 4095
Fax: +7 (727) 259 87 04

The Ab-Initio Selection Process

1. Qualification

1.1. Candidates must meet the following criteria:
  1. Be a citizen of Kazakhstan
  2. From 18 to 34 years 
  3. Have School/College certificates 
  4. Have an appropriate level of English language proficiency (ICAO level 4)
  5. Have a clean police record 
  6. Have a valid international passport 
  7. Be eligible for Schengen and the USA visas 
  8. Agree to sign a bond for a period of minimum 7 years for employment as a pilot with Air Astana and refund 50% of total cost of training. In case of early termination of training student shall refund 100% of expended cost. 
1.2. Following candidates are eligible for selection:
  1. Flight training school graduates with CPL
  2. University graduates
  3. Students of technical universities (third year and higher)
  4. High school, college graduates, university students (first and second year) who scored 60 and above on Common national testing and Integrated testing of university entrants. Testing dates are not important (physics is obligatory). 
2. Document Selection

2.1. Required documents:
  1. Ab-Initio application form ( Click here to downlaod )
  2. ID card and/or passport (copies) 
  3. Certificate of secondary education with transcript (copy) 
  4. Candidates specified in p. 1.2 subparagraph 4. shall submit Certificate of Common National Testing or Certificate of Integrated testing of university entrants (copies) 
  5. Diploma (certificate of degree) with transcript (copy); bachelor/masters, if available 
  6. Curriculum vitae 
  7. Military ID or military service registration certificate (copy)
  8. 3 reference letters from the last place of study and employment
  9. Reference from place of study
2.2. Those candidates whose documents are acceptable will be invited to selection phases.

3. Candidates Selection

3.1. The selection process consists of the following stages:
  1. Class 1 medical examination in Kazakhstan
  2. English proficiency interview (conducted by the English language teacher) 
  3. COMPASS (Computerized pilot aptitude screening system) assessment
  4. Psychological tests (CPP, CogScreen)
  5. Interview with selection board which consists of flight school representatives and with participation of Air Astana representatives (Flight operations department, Human resources department) 
3.2. Those who successfully pass selection shall submit:
  1. Taxpayer identification number
  2. Social security number
  3. National identification 
  4. Reference from psycho neurologic dispensary
  5. Reference from drug abuse dispensary
  6. Police clearance certificate
  7. Statement of personal history
3.3. Students shall pass Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) class 1 medical examination before commencement of training.


* If candidate fails medical examination he/she will not be accepted to programme.

* If candidate fails the English language assessment (p. 3.1. subparagraph 2) or COMPASS (p. 3.1. subparagraph 3) he/she is allowed to apply for re-participation in the program 6 months after the first attempt (candidates have two attempts in COMPASS assessment).

* If candidate fails interview with flight school representatives (p. 3.1. subparagraph 5) he/she is allowed to reapply for the program 12 months after the first attempt (candidates have two attempts in this interview stage).

* Those candidates who are unsuccessful in training and have unsatisfactory discipline at the flight school he/she will not be allowed to reapply for the program.

If you are interested, please send the following documents to with your email subject/title as ( your name - Application for the position for ATR captain via )
If you are interested, please send your cv/resume to with your email subject/title as ( your name - Application for the position of Abinitio Programme via )

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