Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cadet Pilot - Jetairfly

Looking for a new challenge? Jetairfly is currently recruiting: Cadet Pilots - a custom made program for future pilot trainees

Always wanted to become a pilot?

Take your chance with Jetairfly's CADET PILOT PROGRAM!

Jetairfly is a unique airline to work for:
  • Various innovative destinations all over the world
  • The most modern fleet (introducing Boeing 787 dreamliner end 2013)
  • A lot of great career opportunities
  • A dynamic and growing company
The Cadet Pilot Program makes pilot training accessible to anyone with the required skills and talent!

Ready to realize your dream?
Complete the checklist before take-off!
  • Recently obtained a Bachelor or Master Degree and passionate about aviation?
  • Motivated to combine a full time job with a challenging pilot training?
  • Able to maintain your calm in demanding situations?
  • At your best in a team?
  • Willing to go beyond?

Check? Check!

Don't hesitate and apply today!

For more information & to download the brochure, go to:

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