Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Susi Air ( Co - Pilot ) - Interview stages and process

C208B cockpit

Below are the stages of the recent Susi Air Pilot Recruitment shared by one of my reader.

Susi Air will provide you with air ticket to your interview venue (Jakarta Halim to/from Pangandaran or Cilacap) as well as transport from/to training centre and hotel. They will also provide you with meals during the interview. (Breakfast/Lunch/Diner)

Day 1 : Check in hotel, Written exam
Day 2 : Compass Test, Flight Simulator test
Day 3 : face to face Interview
Day 4 : flight back to Jakarta Halim

C208B Full Flight Simulator

* Written exam : 42 Question in 60 mins. Basic CPL and C208B/PC6 questions.

* Compass Test : Play game using joystick and rudder panel, Math test(24 questions in 20 mins), Memorization test, Task Management Section test, Orientation test, Psychometric Test (225 questions), english test. It take 3-4 hours

* Simulator Test : Basic IFR. Departure Procedure, Tracking, Holding, Approach, Miss Approach. In C172 or PA28-200. Take 1.5 Hour.

Interview : Personal background, basic C208B Knowledge, basic flying questions. It take 1.5 hour.

Training Center and Training Crew Hotel
There will be an interview session almost every month. Normally it will be 3-4 groups with each group consists 5-6 people. About 20% people will selected.

The interview may take 3 days to complete depending on the flight that you have arrange to Indonesia.

Pangandaran Sunset
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