Friday, March 30, 2012

Air Asia Cabin Crew Interview Process & stages ( Updated Version )

Below are the recent interview process & stages of Air Asia shared by one of my reader.
Air Asia Interview and Stages (28/03/2012) @Air Asia Academy
The interview starts at 9am and I arrived there around 8am. Is already crowded and everyone was waiting for the document checking.

1.      There were crews checking on your Original SPM cert and your IC. 

2.      After that will be the weight and height checks. You have to be min 157cm for females and 170cm for males. 

3.      Next, they will do verification for your certs then you will be given your lucky number of the day.

4.      Here starts the first round of the interview.  For this round there are 2 interviewers and 1 candidate. You are required to do a short cat walk, answer questions and do an announcement reading. (either in English or Malay)

5.      2nd stage is the English and essay test. 40 mins will be given to answer. Part one there were 40 multiple choice questions and part 2 you were given 3 essay questions and you have to choose one to answer. You have to write more or less 150 words for this. 

6.      3rd round is the toughest round for me.  There were around 50 successful candidates that make into this round. We were asked to seat in the main hall facing around 10 panels.  Each an everyone of us have to walk in front and answer 1 question from 1 of the panel. Panels are from different department, some are cabin crew, some are from HR department and you may get panels from the top management.  You will get questions such as:” tell me about Air Asia C.E.O, that’s the questions I got from the panel. You may get more than 1 question.

7.      After the 3rd round we have to wait approximately 50 mins for the results. Around 20 candidates were selected to the final round. In the final round, you will have to show your passion towards the job. There were 3 interviewers and 1 candidate. Different kinds of questions were thrown to you and you have to answer them very well. Don’t tell them you don’t know, just show them you did your homework before you go for the interview. This is the round they need to know why they want to hire you.

8.      After the final round we were asked to go home and wait for call. It takes about 9 hours for this interview starting from the document checking.

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