Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I did my best but where did I go wrong?

First of all, Congratulations to those who have made it. Has been a splendid month since so many of you achieved your dreams in July. Unfortunately there are also a lot of you who did not pass and that is why I am writing this article. I know it must be depressing and you are disappointed especially those who have tried many many times.

With that being said, it’s ok to fail so long you gain experience and learn from your mistakes. Though I am quite lucky getting in in my first attempt, I always believe that in every success, you have to go through failure first to be “wiser”.

When those who fail msg me in FB chat, I am sure you will notice that I will always ask you, where did you go wrong? Which part of the day you think you did good or bad? It is important to identify which mistakes you did and find a solution to it as to not to repeat it again the next round. For example, if the interviewers ask you a question that you are not able to answer, make sure you find out the answer after the interview. Who knows, you are lucky and they may ask you the same question again next time.

If you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results or if you do what you’re expected to do, don’t expect an outstanding result, my friend.

Study successful people and you’ll sure to discover one thing that many of them would have in common… they live by that words of “always do more than what is expected of you.”

I have readers who ask me when the next interview is or what do I know about the airline that they are applying. To me that is just plain laziness. If you can come to Fly Gosh, that means you are able to search for info. I even have some who ask me to show them the link or everything they wanted to know. I ask them why, they said cause it save their time and they are lazy to click. Well, I am in the business of helping people who work hard to achieve their dreams, not a nanny in school spoon feeding you. Maybe elsewhere but definitely not in Fly Gosh and wasting my time. If you come with this attitude, I am seriously worried on how you gonna pass the interview and get the job considering that you will be competing with so many other competent candidates.

So whatever you do in life be it your career, relationship, your dreams, always do more than expected. It is not that you have to do or give a whole lot more, you just have to do a little bit more than the rest.

To do this, it’s not difficult. But most people are just too lazy to put in the effort. I’m one of them but I’ll always keep reminding myself this– winner’s takes all. There is no second place, my friend. I would rather strive with the extra effort to get #1 because the payoff is many times greater.

Do you remember who the second best squash player is? Nope. You can remember Nicol David because she’s #1. In fact, as far as I know, there’s no such place as ‘the second best squash player’

I am actually doing this in Fly gosh also and helping all of you. As the other saying goes- you have to give, in order to get. Whether it is for Fly Gosh or when I go to any interview, I always make sure I do more and aim to be the best.

Do you think you can do more than what you’re doing today? Of course you can. The question is… DO YOU WANT IT OR NOT? You’ll have to decide for your own future on that.

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