Monday, May 9, 2011

Interview Tips for Airline Crew - Part 2

1) Attitude - Demonstrate a positive can-do attitude by appearing enthusiastic about the job interview and role. Smile, actively participate and contribute in group discussions, and be engaged by asking questions after the career talk.

2) Self-Presentation - Not only dress for success but also appear professional. Guys must appear neat and tidy. Female candidates with long hair must have their hair neatly tied up in a bun. Make up is mandatory for female candidates. Consider how a professional cabin crew would present himself/herself - follow that example and attend the interview looking professional

3) Teamwork - in group discussions, acknowledge team members ideas by actively listening and paraphrasing their thoughts. Encourage others to raise ideas and contribute. Take an active role in managing team and draw the team back on track. Most of all, address each other by name.

4) Communication - project your ideas confidently with positive body language (good posture/ open palm/ listening attentively). Communicate your ideas clearly and demonstrate a strong command of English fluency.

5) Preparation - practice makes improvement. Arrive at the venue ahead of time. Bring all pertinent documents (e.g. passport, ID card, updated resume, list of references, certificates etc). Research the role by reading books related to the FA position and understand the company's mission, vision, and latest news. Ask relevant questions to demonstrate your preparation at the end of the interview.

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