Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being a Cabin Crew , is it a good career ?

Most people have the impression that being a cabin crew is just a high class waiter and nothing more. So I am not surprise that I get the above question the most when they intend to apply as one. There are actually career progressions when you join as a junior crew whether you chose to fly or prefer a management position on ground.

Let’s start with the bottom position all the way to the top if you chose to be a cabin crew as a lifelong career. Different airlines have different rank for example in MAS/SQ, there are four ranking from a normal Flight stewardess to leading stewardess, chief stewardess and finally In flight supervisor.

As for emirates you start off as a grade 2 ( economy), then to Grade 1 (Business) , Fg1(First class ), SFS( Senior Flight Stewardess) , Purser and finally to the highest which is the SFP ( Senior flight purser ).

As a FP or IFS, you are in charge of the overall cabin which may have as many as 400 to 850 passengers depending on which aircraft you operate. That is a huge responsibility and though it is a plane , that is like a restaurant with 80 tables assuming 10 people to 1 table.

After the role as a FP or IFS, you can chose to become a cabin crew manager who is in charge of the overall welfare, performance and promotion of the cabin crew. Besides, you can also apply as a cabin crew recruitment manager. So as you can see from the above, there is a steady progression in your career and promotion normally depends on how well you perform in your job.

I have known people who flew for their entire life and they enjoy every single minute of it. I guess in whatever career you chose, you need to have a passion and interest for it and if you do, I can tell you that you will not feel like dragging yourself to work each time and in fact look forward to it. As for me, I really do enjoy flying and each month I look forward to my roster, getting ready to experience and explore whatever destination that I have been rostered.