Thursday, January 12, 2023

Air Asia Cabin Crew Recruitment - Walk in Interview ( Manila, Philippines )

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As our Cabin Crew, your responsibility will be: 

  • Execution of duties that are related to the safety of the aircraft and its guests
  • Ensure cabin safety under the overall authority and responsibility of the Pilot in Command (PIC). (ie. the safety of the passengers and security of cabin load and galleys)
  • Maintain a thorough working knowledge of Cabin Crew emergency drills and procedures as laid down in the Safety Emergency Procedures (SEP) Manual. In the event of an emergency, he/she is responsible for putting into effect the relevant procedures and emergency drills
  • Report to the PIC any incident that has endangered or could have endangered the safety of the operations
  • Maintain high standards of public conduct whilst in circumstances in which they could reasonably be recognized as being Company crew
  • Liaison between the guests and the flight crew to provide optimum comfort and services to the Company’s customers
  • Refrain from making attempts to evade foreign customs, immigration or health regulations, and from causing any unauthorized package, person, or other item of load to be carried in any Company aircraft
  • Ensure that all galley equipment, catering stores, dry stores, and loose equipment on board are properly and securely stowed, while carrying out pre-flight routine inspections of the aircraft and its equipment as prescribed by the Operations Manual and Cabin Crew Safety Procedures Manual
  • Ensure that all passengers are properly and completely briefed as prescribed by the Operations Manual and Safety Emergency Procedures (SEP) Manual, and guarantee that all appropriate and necessary Ship’s papers are on board the aircraft before its doors are closed for departure
  • Meticulously carrying out such appropriate emergency procedures in an emergency situation, as defined in the Operations Manual and Cabin Crew Policy Manual
  • Complete any reports and records that the Company or any other responsible authority may require
  • Make entries concerning cabin defects in the Cabin Defects Log as appropriate
  • Take all reasonable precautions to ensure proper security of galley equipment, bar boxes, catering stores, dry stores, and airplane loose equipment
  • Complete any required costumes, immigration, and health formalities

You will have also following role related responsibilities: 

  • Strengthen the Airasia brand image and customer advocacy
  • Adopt Airasia’s culture and follow Airasia’s desired behavior
  • Ensure adequate self-development, and sufficient training undertaken to fulfill accountabilities
  • Follow working procedures and ensure SOP compliance
  • Support the Company safety programs
  • Report safety hazards and participate in Safety Services Department trainings pertinent to the job scope
  • Maintain the Company’s standards as an Allstar
  • What characteristics are we looking for in our Cabin Crew:
  • Friendly, mature, humble, honest, detail-oriented, and a self-starter; able to perform under pressure in a challenging and fast-paced environment
  • High comfort level working in a diverse environment
  • Able to maintain high confidentiality, tact, and discretion when dealing with people
  • Possesses good interpersonal and communication skills to collaborate effectively with internal and external customers
  • High level of safety awareness
  • Able to make administrative/procedural decisions and judgments

Other requirements:

  • Complexion must be clear with no apparent blemishes/scars, no visible tattoos in uniform
  • Teeth must be clear with no braces, visible damages/decay and crookedness
  • Weight and height must be symmetrical and within BMI considerations 
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) at 18.5-22 for females and 18.5-23 for male
  • High minimum at 160 cm for female and 170 cm for male

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