Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Malaysia Airlines Pilot Recruitment - First Officers ( WideBody)

The Co-pilot is the Commander’s deputy and is a member of the flight crew acting in piloting capacity, other than Commander.

Key Accountability 

1. A First Officer is responsible the ensure the safety of the aircraft, passengers, crew and cargo from the moment the doors are closed for departure until they are opened at the end of the flight.
2. Responsible in ensuring the flight is conducted with adherence to any rules and regulations that effect the operations of the flight.
3. Maintain a highly professional image both in conduct and appearance as to uphold Malaysia Airlines Berhad’s image.

Working Experience

a. 1,500 Grand Total hours;
b. 500 hours experience on type.
c. Type rated on A320/A330/A340/A350/A380.
d Must apply before 56th birthday.

Skill & Knowledge

Knowledge of regulatory requirement, company’s policy and other airlines standard. 

Sound flying skills with knowledge of operations disciplines, specialised technical knowledge of current fleets in the system.

Well verse in airline safety management concept, appreciation and working knowledge of accident prevention concepts and methods.

Strong in interpersonal and communications skills, good analytical skill, and good at issue engagements. 

Key Challenges 

1. Elevate and maintain high technical operations ensuring high industrial safety and standard.
2. Managing changes to suit dynamic scenarios.
3. Managing technical operations requirements and expectations due to internal constraints of resources whilst to reduce operational infringements and incidents

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