Thursday, July 6, 2017

Oman Air - Cabin Crew Salary & Benefits

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Basic Salary : -

RO 195 per month during training ( 6 weeks )

RO 325 after training

Proficiency allowance :-

RO 44 per month

Other allowances : -

Cabin Crew allowance : RO 140 per month ( once start flying )
Telephone allowance : RO 12 per month

Overseas Nighstop allowance ( varies depending on country )

Company provided accommodation and transportation

Contract period of two years

Annual leave of 30 days per year

Medical and Insurance Coverage

End of Service Benefit ( EOSB )

15 days - Final Basic salary for each of the first three years of service

30 days - Final Basic salary for each year of service after the third year of service

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