Thursday, June 8, 2017

Oman Air Cabin Crew Recruitment ( Open to all Nationalities )

Category Cabin Crew
Educational Qualifications Two years college Diploma OR Secondary School Certificate. Age: For National the candidates should be between 18 – 35 years of age For Expat candidates should be between 23 – 31 years of age
Experience Required No experience required
Job Location Muscat
Job Description
  1. Assist the commander in the maintenance of proper standard of professional expertise, crew discipline conduct and personal appearance of all flight crew personnel
  2. Inform and educate passengers on emergency and safety procedures to ensure passengers safety during all phases of the flight
  3. Follow the procedures outlined in the safety manual during any emergency to ensure safety of all personnel’s.
  4. Performa all duties assigned by the Senior Officer – Cabin Crew relayed to cabin safety and daily operation to ensure adherence to regulation outlined in the operation manual.
  5. Provide safe and efficient in-flight service to passengers on board
  6. Responsible for ensuring safety on board by ensuring all passengers are wearing seat belts, all windows covers are open, all doors are locked and all seats are upright.
  7. Responsible for providing first aid support to passengers on board during emergency situation.
  8. Conduct necessary checks before flights to ensure cleanliness of cabin and passenger toilet, all catering ordered is loaded in satisfactorily condition, no heavy objects are placed in the overhead bins and all escape exits are unobstructed and clearly visible to passengers.
  9. Assist in the briefing of flight on safety
  10. Attend to special attention passengers as directed by the Senior Officer – Cabin Crew and ensure all passenger comply with the restriction on smoking and use of seat belts and other safety precaution during flights.
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