Monday, October 6, 2014

Volotea Pilot Recruitment - Boeing 717 Second Officers

We are looking for candidates to our self-sponsored Second Officer Programme. Permanent Seasonal Contract.


•Valid EASA CPL and unrestricted Class 1 medical
•ME/IR rating
•English language fluency - minimum ICAO level 5
•EU Passport
•Age and experience:
◦Less than 300 hrs total time: 30 years old
◦301 hrs to 1000 hrs total time: 35 years old
◦More than 1000 hrs or previous jet type rating: no age restrictions

Candidates with previous experience in airline operations but not enough hours to apply as First Officers, may apply for the Second Officer programme with possibilities of receiving a partially company sponsored type rating.


Permanent Seasonal Contract  - 9 months per year. Fly 400 to 500 hours per year as Second Officer, more hours when becoming FO, SFO and Captain. Join one of the few European airlines with continuous growth since its foundation in 2012. 

A company with a strong and solid structure and financing. If your aspiration is to fly a modern glass cockpit airplane in a high standard European based airline, we are offering you the opportunity to start your professional career in a young and dynamic environment. 

Possibilities of fast promotion to First Officer and later to a Captain position based on merit and performance. Stability and quality of life: flights from base and returning to base with an average of 14 to 16 days of flying per month during the peak season; possibility of commuting home: blocks of days working followed by blocks of days OFF. 

Currently bases in Venice, Nantes, Bordeaux and Palermo; more bases will be opened in the future in France, Italy, Spain and potentially other EU markets in the mid-term.

To apply, please click here

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