Monday, July 21, 2014

To the pilots and cabin crews of Malaysia Airlines – John Teo

I woke up this morning, opened my iPad and staring at me was the article reporting that Malaysia Airlines' cabin crew are too shocked and depressed to fly.

This is my letter to all Malaysia Airlines' pilots and cabin crews; and indeed all pilots and cabin crews of the world's airlines, for the tragedies of MH370 and MH17 not only affected the crews and captains of Malaysia Airlines, but the airlines of the world and we as the passengers are equally shocked and depressed too.

These two unprecedented tragedies affect the way we think about air travel; that air travel has been a second nature to most of us, that safety was mostly never on our minds as we booked our tickets – has now been replaced by fear and doubt and second thoughts as to the need for us to fly.

I can only imagine it's even worse for the pilots and cabin crews, as having the intrinsic knowledge of what possible mishaps that could happen in the air, which makes it more worrying and fearsome thus amplifying the realms of what is beyond our control.

Akin to a doctor who knows all the possible complications of a surgery, which at many times are more fearful of the surgery than the patients themselves.

It is with this realisation in mind that I salute all the pilots and cabin crews of Malaysia Airlines, and personnels of other airlines for having the courage, strength and the conviction to go on and do the job they do best, and to allow and enable us, the passengers to fly wherever we need to be, for they realised too, that their jobs is one of the most important jobs in the world.

It is because of pilots and cabin crews like you who allow leading experts of the world in many fields to meet at conferences and meetings to make the world a safer and healthier place to live.

It is also because of you, that many lives are saved all over the world by allowing many advances in the field of medicine and other fields to be presented and shared and thus improving the lives of many people in the world, people that you may never meet and may never know and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts from the citizens of the world.

It is because of you that businesses flourish and economies improve and it is because of you that families are united and friendships are established and many important moments of people’s lives happened.

Never waver in the fact that you are not significant neither important and indeed without the pilots and cabin crews of Malaysia Airlines and of the world's airlines, the world would grind to a devastating stop.

We thank you for allowing all the wonders of this world to happen, allowing all of us to have the lives we have now and allowing all of us to undeservedly at times, experience the beauty of what life has to offer to each of us.

Let me assure you that these tragedies not only affect all of you, but equally affect all of us Malaysians, and the citizens of this world and we share the fear, the grief,  the doubt, the denial at times, but we also believe in the unique strength of the human spirits to overcome all adversities in life, and we stand with you, as you lead us to the challenges of this world when you welcome us on board and soar to the sky with full of courage, conviction and strength.

* Dr John Teo reads The Malaysian Insider.

Article taken from TheMalaysianInsider

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