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JetStar Cabin Crew interview process and stages

There are cabin crew wannabes who specifically wants to join premium airline, there are cabin crew wannabes who wants to join a low cost carrier. For me, what's the most important thing is, I get to be a cabin crew. So nothing else matters, be it low cost carrier (LCC) or not. 

And so, I decided to apply when Jetstar Asia had their online recruitment. I applied and there was a whole series of things to fill in. Basically, you'll just fill in details of what normal job employment requires you to, and then receive an email invitation from them if you're shortlisted.

Jetstar Asia don't recruit often. Their full time cabin crew opening on their website is always accepting interest status, so I just filled in their online form, and waited and waited for their email. And finally 5 months later, I receive an email invitation from them. 

That's when I also realize from word of mouth, that their previous recruitment was a month before a submitted the online form. Oh Well, I managed to go for their interview at Crowne plaza hotel anyway. It states in their email, Registration starts from 9am and ends at 930am. I was there at about 910am, and there was a queue for registration already.

And so, we were to fill in particulars when it's our turn, take a number tag from them, clip it on the left side of our top, and head over to this "photo zone", where a staff will take a picture of us individually with the Jetstar background banner. After which, we'll head into the small ballroom, and wait for registration to end, and get addressed by the Cabin Crew head manager (I suppose). 

He was humorous throughout the presentation, he teased at other airlines, bragging how good Jetstar was, which brought laughter to many of the other candidates. The presentation was about Jetstar btw. 

How it established, where is it flying now, and how cabin crew life in Jetstar is. Following which, will be the start of the interview rounds. 4 rounds in total, but only 3 rounds will be done on that day, and final management round will be some time that week, if you're shortlisted.

So we're split into both genders, girls first and guys, and there'll be height check, skin check, deportment check, and announcement test for round 1.

Height is straightforward. Girls below 1.58, don't bother applying, you'll waste your early wakeup in the morning. There's a girl in front 157.3 and she got booted. Btw height check is done in the corridor outside the ballroom, so expect stares from hotel guests. After height is a grooming check, where we'll line up in 5, asked to remove jackets, and get checked for marks and scars on hands and back.

Not so much on face though, unless you have an obvious mark. They will not scan your face like what some airline does. Then after you're done, you proceed to line up and wait for announcement test. As you're walking from your queue to the announcement test area, that's where an assessor will assess your walk. Kill 2 birds with a stone.

Announcement test is Straightforward, read an in-flight announcement. You don't have to be very fluent though, as long as you can speak and read! I've seen a girl who speaks like she's still starting to learn English and she advanced to next rounds. So you can try if English is not your forte language. 

Then we'll go into a ballroom again, and wait till the guys are done, and from there, we could see the entire group got smaller a lot already. Those who were booted left because they didn't pass the height test. Then we waited for about half an hour and a staff will come in, and announced several numbers, which referred to our number tag. 

Those numbers announced went out of the room, and they were the eliminated ones. I was shocked for a moment when my number didn't get announced! And then the rest of the candidates got split into 2 groups, and 1 group will stay in the ballroom for round 2, while the other group goes for lunch break.

Round 2 consist of self-introduction and team building.

My group went for break first, so we came back 1 hour later for our round 2. We went into the ballroom again, and this time round, it is a self intro in front of the room facing everybody, and we're each given a topic to talk about for a minute. You can choose to not hit a minute, but most importantly, I think they're looking at how you carry yourself in front of people and whether you have a good body language. 

After that, we'll all gather for team building, and split into groups of 7-8, sent inside the ballroom again, and seated in our groups, given several straws and masking tape. And each group was given instruments to build the highest free standing tower in 10 minutes. Everyone did it, and this section, we were assessed on teamwork and interaction with people. 

After the activity, we went out again, and got called back into the room after the assessors were done selecting those to be eliminated. Then as usual, eliminated candidate's number tags were called out, and the entire interview group got smaller, and it summed up round 2.

After which, is round 3, which consists of written test and one to one interview.

But before that, we were asked to fill in an employment form, and get our documents checked. After checking, we'll just sit along the hallway for a written test. I didn't know there was a time limit so I took my time. So PLEASE future candidates don't take your time for any tests! Just finish it and make sure you are confident of that answer! 

And then 1 by 1 we're called to have one on one interview in the same room. There were 5 tables in the room, which means 5 interviewers took a table each for interview with 1 candidate. There weren't dividers so it's rather noisy.

Basically the one on one interview asked about previous work experience, how we dealt with tough situation in the past, role playing on selling (they wanted people who could sell well), and explained to us on remuneration.

Okay it’s sensitive but I felt I had to share since I was searching Like crazy before I went for the interview. So I was told gross salary per annum will be about 25000. And please don't assume that'll be the minimum amount you'll expect. I presume that it's the maximum since it's an lcc. 
This means per month you’ll hit about 2k. I don’t know how true.

We're also told that upon being selected, we're supposed to pay a 1k training bond to the company, which will be given back upon completion of our contract bond. In a way, it's to secure your title in the company, and if you leave within your bond period, kiss goodbye to your SGD1000. 

This was what worried me, as I have to fork out money even before I had an official job. Another thing was they didn't mention about who will bear medical checkup fees. Well it's an lcc, I am quite positive we're to pay ourselves, but yet I can't be 100% sure.

This sums up the entire day I had at Jetstar Asia cabin crew interview, and overall it was a fun process as the staff were fun and casual unlike others which were strict and rigid. But I don't like how the entire process flows slowly. 

There were lots of break in between, which were time where they got us to leave the room to decide on elimination, and I felt 3/4 of my time there were just waiting and not put to good use. But well, it's a good experience. I didn't receive any notification for final management interview though, so I wish those who received good luck! 

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