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JetStar Asia - Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant Salary & Benefits

If you get selected, prepare to pay a bond upfront- $1000.00 cash, if you leave within a year, you have to pay additional $850.00, leave after 1 year, no additional payment however your $1000.00 will be forfeited. $1000.00 will be refunded after 2 years of bond completion.

Part-Time Cabin Crew (Need to have 3 years prior flying experience. Start off as a Junior Crew)

No basic. No incentives. $12.00 per Hour. Excluding Sales comission. You will normally be plotted 7 flights per month (average 8hours) with a compulsory 2 weekend days. There will be no CPF deduction.

Full-Time Flight Attendant (FA) Salary Package

Singaporean/SPR/Malaysian Crew

First year of service:

Basic: $650.00 (1st Month Initial Training)

Basic: $750.00 (2nd Month onwards)

Basic: $850.00 (1 Year onwards)

Hourly pay: $5.00 (1-80Hours) $11.60 (81Hours onwards)

Meal Allowance: $5.00 per TWO sectors (i.e if you fly a Jakarta Turnaround SIN-CGK, CGK-SIN you will get $5.00)

Topup Salary Incentive: $180.00 (If you fly 120 Hours and above but do take note: 120 Hours of flying in a month is tiring especially turnarounds!)

Sales Commission: 1% of the Total sales onboard, divide by the number of cabin crews. (average of $100.00 a month)

Year End Bonus (AWS, only applicable to Singaporean and SPR) - 1-month of Basic salary ($750.00), CPF Deductible.

Layover allowance: (Jetstar only layovers in JAKARTA $50.00 and OSAKA $75.00).

LAYOVER HOTEL: 2 crews to a room sharing.

Jakarta Layover (2 patterns):
1) Pax up (SIN-CGK) will arrive Jakarta around 3pm local time, overnight in Sheraton Airport Hotel. Operate (CGK-PER-CGK) turnaround next day 7pm local time and immediately pax back to Singapore in the same Aircraft. You will reach Singapore around 9.30am local time.

2) Operate (SIN-CGK) will arrive Jakarta around 10pm local time, short stay of 9 Hours in Sheraton Airport Hotel, and get ready to take over the same aircraft that went the Perth turnaround. Basically, you will reach there in the dark, and leave the hotel in the dark.

Osaka Layover (A few patterns depending on scheduling of flights): Normally a 20-Hours stay. Arrive Osaka 11am local time and 9am local time following day briefing time.

You will be scheduled for flights on your seniority as well as language ability. They will need at least 1 PURSER (Manager of the flight) as well as 1 SENIOR (Leading of the flight at least 6 months of flying experience). Usually Jakarta layovers will be rostered to Malay speaking crew and Osaka Layovers to Japanese speaking crew as well as chinese speaking crew as the flight is via Taipei (SIN-TPE-KIX) or Manila (SIN-MNL-KIX).

There will be transport provided for flights reporting or returning (11pm to 7am). i.e (if you are rostered for flight reporting in the morning, you will be allocated for transport one-way). You have to go back on your own. :(

Average gross pay for Singaporean/SPR crew: $1600.00 to $2100.00

For Malaysian crew: As above but there will be no CPF Deductions.

Foreign crew (other Nationalities) Fixed $2000.00 excluding Layover allowances and Sales Commission.

Normally the local crew will need to pickup flights (swap for longer flights) from the foreign crew to earn more as foreign crew will be giving away flights (They will still get fixed pay regardless of hours of flight).

Privileges/Entitlements: Basic salary paid of 14days of MC a year (After probation of 6-months). 25days of Basic salary paid Compulsory Annual Leave. And most important! Cheap Tickets!! (i.e $80.00 return trip to Phuket, $140.00 return trip to Perth and many more!-ON Jetstar Flights)

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