Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cadet Pilot - Etihad Airways ( Open to all nationalities )

Etihad is the fastest growing airline in commercial aviation history, with one of the youngest and fastest growing fleets of aircraft. Etihad is the commercial carrier of choice for the world’s best pilots, and to support our continual growth we are offering a unique opportunity for exceptional graduates of all nationalities to apply for our International Cadet Pilot Training Programme.

Over the course of the 72 week intensive programme you will be trained to the highest standards.

As a qualified First Officer, you will be part of the Etihad Success Story; 

Our vision as an airline stretches beyond the average carrier, our business is key to the continual growth of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. An exciting part of the world where East meets West, a broad mix of culture, the Arts and major international sporting events all blended with modern Arabic hospitality.

We are looking for more than just individuals with an aptitude to fly, we want individuals that represent the core values of our business and act as ambassadors for both Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

If that doesn’t excite you then it is worth mentioning we offer full sponsorship for your commercial pilot’s license, one of the most competitive packages available, including a tax free salary, comprehensive health care and a range of in house facilities and services.

An exciting challenge awaits you if you hold a BSc. degree, we are hiring now, deadline for closing is 8th May 2013.

To continue with your application please apply and answer the eligibility questions.
Terms and conditions will apply. To apply, please click here

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