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Fly Gosh Past Archives Page 3

Never miss any post in Fly Gosh again.Here are a collection of my previous post with a wealth of information. Obviously you can't read them all at once so you can bookmark it in your web browser and slowly read and digest them.If you want to read it offline without any internet connection, you can download my ebook here. Happy reading and feel free to share it with anyone who you feel will be beneficial to them.

Cabin Crew - Silk Air

Sri Wijaya Pilot Recruitment organise by Fly Gosh/Avia

Cathay Pacific investigates 'aircraft sex photos'

How much can a Cabin Crew/Pilot earn ?

Sponsored Cadet Pilot - Britisih Airways ( Future Pilot Programme )

Silk Air - Direct Entry Captain

Cabin Crew - Air Asia ( Base in Penang )

Direct Entry A330 First Officer & Captain - Malaysian Airlines

Qatar Airways - Cabin Crew ( Malaysia )

What are the airlines looking for in a candidate? Here are my Secrets :)

Indonesian airline Garuda under fire for near-naked interview

Is it still glamourous to be a Cabin Crew?

Bad Cabin Crew?Think again when you fly next time

New Boeing 737 MAX

Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew - Open Day

MasWings Pilot Recruitment - Direct Entry Commanders

SIA's new long-haul LCC to start with 400-seat B777s, plans 16-aircraft fleet within four years

Singapore Airlines ( SIA) cabin crew interview & stages (Updated Version)

Air Asia Philippines - Hiring Cabin Crew & other vacancies

Cabin Crew - Silk Air ( Thailand, Singaporean & Malaysian )

The exciting life of a Pilot/Cabin Crew during standby duty

Cabin Crew ( Philippines ) - Qatar Airways Open Day - Manila & Bacalod

Qatar Airways - Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant Salary & Benefits

Emirates Airlines New Recruitment Video

British Airways - Our advert 2011: To Fly. To Serve

Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant ( Los Angeles Base ) - Interview stages and Process

Where the Airbus A380 will fly next

Emirates Cabin Crew Open Day ( Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong )

Silk Air - Cabin Crew/Flight Stewardess Salary & Benefits

Cabin Crew Open Day - Cebu Pacific

From Cabin Crew to being a Pilot

Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew - Open Day ( Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, India, Korea & Thailand)

Cabin Crew Open Day - Qatar Airways ( Thailand, Indonesia & Malaysia)

Sri Wijaya Air- Direct Entry Second Officer - Boeing 737

Singapore Airlines : Direct Entry Boeing 777 First Officer

Cabin Crew - Long Haul - Jetstar Singapore

Cathay Pacific - Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant (Japan) - Based in Hong Kong

Cabin Crew - Silk Air ( Indonesia )

Air Asia Cabin Crew - Walk in Interview

Pilot Salary & Benefits - Qatar Airways

FireFlyz - Cabin Crew Walk In Interview

Cabin Crew Open Day - Cebu Pacific

Salary and Min Requirements ( Pilot Job in China) 

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