Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Want to become a Pilot? Read this First!

For the past four years, I have the privilege to receive thousands of application worldwide. I must say that some are really impressive. I have candidates from all walks of life ranging from military pilots, general aviation pilots, commercial pilots and any sort of pilots that you can think of. While most are fresh CPL pilots with 200 hours, I have some highly experience ones with as much as 20k+ hours or they have flown many kinds of aircraft and have obtained many aircraft type ratings.

Anyway, I have notice some errors or mistakes which some of my candidate did when they send their resume to me and hopefully I can share them so that you guys can learn from it and not repeat them. It is not in any particular order but I have single out 10 most common mistakes.

Writing a long story

Yes, I know that it is your dream to become a pilot and how hard it is for you to get your license BUT, airlines receive thousands of application and they do not have the time to read your long story. Just keep it short and highlight what is your strong key point. For example, you can say that you have an A320 rating with 500 hours on type or you have a university degree in aeronautical engineering. Basically you want to catch their attention, instead of them saying “ just another candidate email, next please !”

Don’t call yourself a Captain if you are not

As you may already be aware, some of my vacancies that I have with my airline partners are not only for fresh CPL or first officers but also for captains. It is irritating to open a resume from a so called Captain (our target candidate) when that “fella” is just a fresh CPL pilot.

Sending big email attachment

Again there is a lot of work for a human resource personal to sort out the thousands of application and they want to get the best candidate in the least amount of time. You don’t want them to wait especially loading all your documents and worst asking them to download. I have candidates which ask me to download their documents, mind you as much as 50MB and the easiest thing for them to do is press the “delete” button. ( though you are lucky I actually gave u a chance and open it to see whether you are the right candidate or not )

Funny names

Look, you are applying for a job and you really have to make yourself look professional even small thing like your email name. I have candidate who put their name as 007, love xxx, dark stallion and etc etc! Are you applying for a pilot job or audition to become an actor ( just kidding )

Putting many email add from different airline

I have this candidate who send me an application and cc copy to at least 30 airlines. Well, if you really want to do that, take the initiative to send it one by one. Trust me, it doesn’t look good on yourself.

Sending a blank email

Well, as mention above, you are taking up their time to open up your cv. Write something in your email and highlight what you have to offer. Worst, some just send an email without double checking whether they have attached their cv or documents. You just blew up an opportunity here.


This one is funny. I have candidate who send me an application and tell me that their family is so and so or they know which minister and bla bla and deserve to get this job. Look, if you are so powerful and strongly connected, you would have gotten yourself a job in your home country, so don’t make yourself look like an idiot. If you are applying a job in Indonesia or any other place which is not your home country, doesn’t matter your dad is the king of timbaktu or you are the son of a minister, show me what you got before I shortlist you ( yes, base on merit ).

Offering bribes

Now this is what I hate most. I have candidates that offer me as much as USD10000 to jump que or to demand a job.  Sorry pal, if you feel that by using money you can buy me off, you got the wrong guy here. I put my face in flygosh and I have every intention to make it a long term “hobby”. Besides, nobody owe you are living and it shows a bad attitude on your side. Definitely a no-no especially when applying for a pilot job.

Being demanding

Some candidates can be so demanding that they thought the whole world owes them a living. With limited slots and thousands of application, minus someone like you makes no different or rather no effect or lost at all. Remember, you are looking for a job and the ball is not at your court, so learn to be courteous and humble.

Sending an application when you do not meet the requirement

Well I know that we always want to try our luck ( hey, I do that too ) but if your name keep popping up in every vacancies that I post at flygosh, it is annoying and you do not want to get yourself blacklisted.

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