Thursday, July 19, 2012

Open Day - Emirates Airline - Cadet Pilot

DUBAI, U.A.E., 11th July 2012: Emirates National Cadet Pilot Programme continues to recruit UAE Nationals to join Emirates pilot team. With over 350 cadets already graduated through the programme since its inception in 1992, the Cadet Pilot programme remains the top choice for Emiratis wanting a career that involves great responsibility, technical skills, plus an exciting, multi-cultural work environment.

 In an effort to help interested applicants get a taste for a career as a pilot, Emirates will be hosting an ‘experience session’ in Dubai. Candidates will have the chance to fly a mock aircraft simulator, allowing them to get a feel for the excitement of being in the air as well as experience what it is like to control a machine weighing over 352 tonnes at a speed of 350KM/H.

In addition to the hands on time with the simulator, UAE Nationals will be able to speak to current Emirates pilots; gaining a unique perspective of the role and the Cadet Pilot programme through those with first-hand experience. The Time and location for the Emirates Cadet Pilot experience is:

• 19-21 July, 2012, at Midif City Centre Cinema from 7:00pm (8:00pm with start of Ramadan) to 12:00am

The two-and-a-half-year pilot training programme is open to UAE Nationals who pass the stringent application process and testing to enter the distinguished programme. Supported by Emirates Airline, each year over AED 70 million is dedicated to UAE National Cadet Pilot Programme and the results are clear: a quarter of Emirates’ pilot have joined the organisation though the programme.

There are currently over 150 UAE Nationals undergoing the Emirates Airline National Cadet Pilot Training Programme and the autumn class is accepting applications for 80 cadets to join. Each year, Emirates receives over around 1,500 applications for the programme but accepts only 5% due to strict joining requirements.

The National Cadet Pilot Training Programme continues to produce industry-leading pilots. The programme encompasses intensive Aviation Science and English-language courses. Following these classes, cadets earn their Commercial Pilot’s License with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (CPL/Multi IR) before completing aircraft-specific simulator training. Flight training for the cadets, providing real-life flight experience, is undertaken at the Emirates partner facilities.

“Some people feel the pinnacle of success is reaching the top floor executive offices. But for our cadet pilots, our ‘office’ is 35,000 feet in the air, with 230,000 pounds of thrust behind you, and the responsibility for the safety of hundreds of people,” said Captain Abdullah Al Hammadi, National Cadet Pilot Manager. “The talented, professional Emiratis who join the Cadet Pilot Programme embody both Emirates and the UAE when in Dubai and abroad; ambitious, expert, responsible and with limitless opportunities.

Our Cadet Pilots have not only the 125 and growing Emirates destinations open to them but the limitless horizons of the open skies in which to expand their career.”

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