Sunday, November 20, 2011

I was selected and featured in as the first " Cabin Crew Success Stories "

Initially when I saw that they are looking for someone as their "cabin crew success stories", I did not expect that I would be selected since there are thousands of cabin crew worldwide. I am incredibly flattered and for those of you who are new to, It is one of the top cabin crew website in the world appearing as google's number 1 ranking if you ever search for the the keyword "cabin crew".

Though I am no longer a cabin crew anymore, I hope that my story can be an inspiration to all of you especially the wannabe's. It is one of the best job in the world and without it, it would not be possible for me to travel to so many countries, the opportunity to experience different cultures and meet so many people. The experience is simply priceless.

Read about my story at Cabin crew success stories

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