Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fail to get your dream airline job?Disappointed,feeling down?Watch This :)

I have actually watched this video few years back and recently came across on it again. Thought would be great to share with all of you especially those of you who are facing difficulty in life now.

Whenever I am down, I always tell myself how lucky am I to be born healthy. To be able to do the things I like in life and most importantly able to share my knowledge and help others through FlyGosh.

Hopefully after watching this video, failing an interview, giving up on your goals, feeling upset on not being able to achieve your dream especially on becoming a pilot or cabin crew and etc etc is no longer seen as " the end of the world ".

I know cause I get so many complains from my readers on their challenges in life whether it's personal like breaking up or aviation related.  But in a way I am grateful for the level of trust you all place on me and I am always glad to help.

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