Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cabin Crew Academy - Cabin Crew Prepatory Course


Cabin Crew AirCademy was formed to help airlines and those who were interested in 
pursuing cabin crew as a career. We are incredibly proud to be the first and the only 
establishment in Malaysia to owned a Level 3 Airbus A320 Flight Simulator both for pilot
and public.

We at Cabin Crew AirCademy understand that in order to be selected as a World Top Cabin 

Crew,candidates will have to go through very competitive and challenging  task during the 

Our courses provides combination of theoretical and practical components with Aircraft Cabin Simulator and the  most realistic learning conditions.

With our experienced instructors, we will guide and prepare you to be successfully selected in interviews by World Top Airlines.

Prepare yourself to be an Ultimate Cabin Crew with us! Do give us a call at 03-7847 4287

You can download the brochure and course details by clicking here